Montessori toys

The Montessori method is an educational model whose main goal is to provide the child with independence and freedom to explore the world around him. It opposes popular trends that, instead of supporting the development of the youngest, suppress their natural curiosity about the world and their sensitivity. Bet on Montessori toys designed for kids of different ages. Order products that will spark your child’s desire to explore the reality around him.
What are the characteristics of Montessori toys?
Montessori aids are primarily characterized by simple manufacturing. However, do not confuse simplicity with poor quality. On the contrary. These toys are usually created from natural materials, such as wood. They are also characterized by careful finishing and eye-friendly aesthetics. It is also worth noting that their size and specificity of operation, are tailored to specific age groups.
What are the most popular Montessori aids?
In our offer you will find a variety of Montessori toys. Each focuses on developing different senses and skills. Among the most popular products, there are sorters, which exercise attention, motor skills, as well as logical thinking. A great solution is also
progressive puzzles
, which not only develop hand-eye coordination, but also expand spatial imagination. See more examples of Montessori toys tailored to different age groups.
Montessori wooden toys for babies
Montessori wooden toys for babies can be used from the first days of a baby’s life. During this period of development, the most important thing is to keep the toddler safe and create a friendly environment. Infants are eager to play with contrast books, mobiles, and they are also increasingly keen on wooden sorters. A 2-piece puzzle is also a good idea.
Montessori toys for a 2-year-old
Montessori toys for the 2-year-old include. Sorters and wooden memory games. During this time, you should provide the child with aids that will develop him in a gentle and safe manner. The child begins intensive training in motor and social skills, and his curiosity about the world grows every day.
Montessori wooden toys for 3-year-olds
Montessori toys for a 3-year-old should take into account the needs of the child during this period of development. Role-playing is very important. So you need to provide your child with aids that will enable him to play house, doctor or fireman. Three-year-olds are sure to love
left-hemisphere puzzle “Hanging laundry”
or toys like workshop, kitchen or Montessori store. This is a good time to introduce the child to games such as dominoes to support understanding of individual emotions.
Montessori toys for a 4-year-old
What Montessori toys for a 4-year-old to choose? During this period, the child’s focus is on honing motor skills, so it is worth choosing aids that will help the child practice balance and motor coordination, such as swings, obstacle courses and balance boards. Older children still enjoy role-playing, and they are developing their vocabulary. Therefore, puzzles and memory games will be an excellent gift for a four-year-old. At this stage the toddler can confidently start learning the alphabet or counting.
Montessori wooden toys for 5-year-olds
Montessori toys for a 5-year-old are primarily construction toys, that is, toys that develop perceptiveness, logical thinking, creativity and motor skills. They consist of blocks and connectors that can be combined and turned into different constructions. An interesting suggestion will be
logic puzzles
helping to polish visual analysis and synthesis or spatial imagination, as well as encouraging the child to learn about nature. At this age, children are increasingly willing to participate in household chores, so you can hand them, for example, small tools or kitchen accessories that teach them to perform daily chores through play.