Wooden cradles for children

A baby cradle is useful from the first moments of a toddler’s life. When set in motion, it mimics the gentle rocking that a baby knows from mom’s belly. This allows her to feel again like she is in the womb, which she associates with safety. At Smart Memories, we have prepared a wide range of baby cradles of the highest quality! We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our product range.
Baby cradles – the highest quality guarantees safe use
At Smart Memories, the most important thing for us is the quality of the products. We want to offer our customers solutions that are completely safe for their kids. The presented baby cradles are made of natural beech wood. They are additionally finished with a soft and pleasant for the sensitive skin of children certified premium velvet fabric. As a result, they guarantee the highest level of comfort.

Hanging cradles are mounted to the ceiling with hooks, cotton ropes and snap hooks. They allow you to easily adjust the height to suit the room. The solutions used ensure stable fixing of the cradles.
Wooden cradles for children – a stylish complement to a toddler’s room
We know that design matters. Our infant cradles are available in numerous color options, including. In the shade of sage, heather or camel beige. These are subdued and visually appealing products that will fit beautifully into the design of a toddler’s space. The cradles are additionally enhanced with decorative brackets, which are mounted on the outside of the product.
Baby cradle – fun and stimulation of toddler development in one
Wooden cradles for children are a must in a toddler’s room. Rocking is a natural need for every child. By 9. months the baby is in the womb. There she is swayed with her every move. Therefore, rocking is one of the most important forms of stimulation for a toddler from the first moments of life.
Soothing rocking power
Rocking is the best way to reduce tension, lower stress levels and soothe emotions. When the baby is exasperated or restless, you can put him in the cradle and gently set it in motion. This will make the comforter relaxed and relaxed. Rocking helps prepare the baby for a daytime nap or sleep. Using a cradle is an alternative to being rocked in the arms by parents.
Entertainment for toddlers
Rocking in the cradle is also one of the first forms of play for toddlers who are a few weeks old. Such children are still too young to use toys. Rocking, on the other hand, is natural, safe and pleasant for them. After just a few moments spent in the cradle, you will observe on the face of your little one a smile that is an expression of contentment.
Stimulating development
The wooden cradle also carries many benefits when it comes to the development of the child. Rocking stimulates the vestibular system – the part of the brain that is responsible for the sense of balance and space. The baby’s rocking translates into the formation of motor coordination, balance and a sense of orientation in space. Swaying also regulates muscle tension crucial for maintaining balance.
Wooden cradles at Smart Memories
Wooden cradles provide children with a sense of security, soothe the senses and stimulate the development of balance and body awareness. These are versatile products that are definitely worth investing in, so that they will result in numerous benefits for your child’s development in the future. Come explore the wide range of wooden cradles at Smart Memories!