Speech Development Toys

Speech is the linguistic communication between persons by means of sound. Communication, on the other hand, is the transfer of information, thoughts, feelings, etc., by means of sound, gestures, facial expressions, pictures or symbols. Speech and effective communication are the basis of everyday life in the family and are indispensable for the development of social skills. These skills are also very much needed at each stage of a child’s education.


What speech development toys are available in the Smart Memories shop?

Playing with your child is a great opportunity to do some speech development exercises! Putting together fruit and vegetable jigsaw puzzles not only promotes hand-eye coordination, but also encourages conversation with your child about favourite foods or healthy eating. By getting to know the names of food products, the child learns new words, and the ability to name the fruits and vegetables that land on his or her plate makes the child more eager to eat them.
Memory games are one of the most popular kids’ pastimes. The Smart Memories shop offers them in a wooden version (extremely resistant to biting and throwing). The game of finding pairs is a great way to learn new vocabulary. Multiple repetition of the names of the animals or objects shown on the flashcards makes them easier to remember. This not only enriches children’s vocabulary, but also teaches them correct pronunciation.
Our range includes games enriched with beautifully illustrated educational flashcards depicting animals from Polish forests or birds of Europe. This supports forest education, fostering conversation on many topics relating to nature or the habits of forest inhabitants.

Left brain puzzles (e.g. Hanging Laundry) and other toys in this category are used in speech therapy. The work of the little hand has a direct effect on the speech centre in the brain, which is relevant to learning to write and read.

Speech development toys for gifts

We only offer high quality speech learning toys. And what do we understand by “high quality”? First of all, natural raw materials – mainly wood, which is considered one of the most environmentally friendly materials. High quality also means Polish production. Another thing that distinguishes Smart Memories products are the original graphics, eagerly reached for by curious little hands. And we care about safety – the products created with the youngest in mind have rounded shapes and do not contain small parts.

Speech development toys, such as wooden jigsaw puzzles, games, figurines and sorters, are perfect as gift for birthdays, christenings, baby showers, Christmas, St. Nicholas Day or Easter. They are loved by toddlers and older children alike!