Family educational wooden board game for children – Bolek the stork


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Hello world!
The board game “Stork Bolek” is your child’s first step into the fascinating world of games. The players’ task is to accompany the behemoth on a walk around the farm where it lives and the neighboring meadow, and to say hello to its friends.

Simple rules, an attractive and clear board, and tasks to perform involving the whole body (from gray cells to toes), are sure to charm you. The game is designed for the youngest children and was designed to include the whole family in the fun. Older children will not be bored either – they can try their hand at dueling and perform tasks independently.


Box contents:

  • wooden board,
  • 4 pawns with the image of a stork,
  • large wooden cube,
  • 45 task cards,
  • instruction.


The board game “Stork Bolek” helps to shape, first of all: concentration, visual perception, eye-hand coordination, speech and communication, logical thinking and large motor skills. Did you know that:
  1. Concentration is the ability to focus on something specific. It can be a task being performed, a particular object or instructions given by a teacher. Concentration ensures children’s proper development and is essential at each stage of their education.
  2. Visual perception allows children to get to know and understand the world around them. It is also essential for further education when learning to read, write and count. While playing with a board with different pictures, the child has to focus his eyes on them and make judgments about what he sees, such as colors, shapes, similarities and differences. This is an introduction to more advanced analysis, which, among other things, forms the basis for logical thinking.
  3. Eye-hand coordination makes it possible to achieve precision of movements, and is essential for everyday activities – from eating, dressing, drawing or writing independently to physical activity. Eye-hand coordination additionally requires training of the child’s hands and fingers, i.e. fine motor skills.
  4. Speech and effective communication are the basis of everyday life in the family and are indispensable for the development of social skills. They allow children to express their thoughts and feelings and to understand what others want to communicate.
  5. Board games teach logical thinking: analyzing situations, predicting opponents’ moves, developing available solution options and making decisions.
  6. Large motor skills are movements of the whole body, involving the arms, legs and trunk, among others, such as: walking, jumping, running. Large motor skills have a huge impact on coordination of movements, maintaining balance, and small motor skills, i.e. precise movements of the hands and fingers.