Concentration and Focus Building Toys

Concentration is the ability to focus on a particular object, person or activity. A young child initially concentrates on specific objects unconsciously and for a short while, it takes time for him or her to learn to focus intentionally. In order for this process to run smoothly and without interruption, concentration training is essential, preferably in the form of play. Concentration is necessary for achieving and improving other skills, as well as for effective learning.

How do wooden concentration building toys support a child’s development?

Matching shapes, finding missing pieces or reproducing patterns are games that require concentration. Children who train this skill are better able to manage their emotions. Their primary focus is on solving the problem, which helps them to cope with stress.

Children who learn from an early age to keep their attention on a single task acquire new knowledge more easily, which translates not only into better grades at school, but above all into increased self-confidence. In adulthood, better concentration helps for instance in carrying out professional duties.

Focus building toys such as shape sorters, logic games or jigsaw puzzles promote also the development of visuomotor (eye-hand) coordination, which facilitates learning to dress up, draw and write. The products in this category (e.g. memory games) also have a positive effect on the ability to memorise. Furthermore, good concentration influences the development of spatial intelligence, which makes it easier to find our way around or drive.

Focusing building toys by Smart Memories – the perfect gift!

Smart Memories toys are the perfect gift for birthdays or Christmas. Our products are made of high-quality wood, which is one of the most durable and safest raw materials. They are characterised by soft, universal colours and original graphics. They will fit perfectly into a modern baby room, decorated in Scandinavian or minimalist style.

Smart Memories products for Montessori Preschools

Effective learning is about experiencing the world with all the senses – this motto accompanies us at every stage of production, from the first sketches to decorating the finished items. Our focus and concentration building toys are perfect for Montessori nurseries and preschools, where a particular emphasis is put on teaching aids that promote independence. Logic games with educational flashcards and other toys can also be used in primary schools.