Toys Developing Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills involve the precise movements of the hands and fingers, such as squeezing, stroking, kneading or grasping. They are essential for many areas of a child’s life and for achieving independence (e.g. brushing teeth, buttoning up, eating, writing). The harmonious development of this skill is crucial for success in early childhood and early school education and should therefore be developed from the very beginning.

How do you play with your child to support the development of fine motor skills?

We provide parents and carers with ready-to-use tools to support the development of fine motor skills. The idea of teaching through play is particularly close to our hearts. That is why all Smart Memories products are created in the spirit of Montessori and Waldorf pedagogy.
Putting together a jigsaw puzzle, matching shapes or hanging up clothes require children to make precise movements that mainly involve their hands and fingers. Toys for practising fine motor skills strengthen manual skills, which are essential for learning to draw, paint and write.
We offer products designed for children from the age of 12 months (e.g. two-piece puzzles). The Smart Memories range includes also toys for preschoolers (e.g. shape and colour sorters, progressive puzzles, left brain puzzles) and school-age children (e.g. logic puzzles).

We make sure that our products develop multiple skills at the same time, e.g. fine motor skills, speech and concentration. They can be used in many ways, for instance to talk about healthy eating (fruit and vegetable jigsaw puzzles), household chores (Hanging Laundry left brain puzzle) or nature (Insects logic game).

Toys developing fine motor skills – a beautiful and practical gift idea

All the toys available in our shop are made in Poland. We use high-quality materials – primarily wood, which is not only ecological and safe, but also extremely durable and resistant to damage. Our toys are versatile and multi-generational. We hope they will pass through many curious little hands!
If you’re looking for a unique gift for your little one, godchild or other toddler close to your heart, go for toys that develop fine motor skills. Our products are perfect for many occasions, such as birthdays, baby showers, christenings, Easter, Christmas or St. Nicholas Day. Smart Memories toys will bring joy to children and meet the expectations of conscious parents who are particularly concerned with the harmonious development of their little ones.