PLN 100 Gift Card


Najniższa cena z ostatnich 30 dni: 100.00 .



Lead time

2 - 3 business days

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From PLN 299

The Gift Card is an ideal gift option.

If you’re not sure what your child might like or what their interests are, and you want the recipient to be happy, a Gift Card is a great solution.

The Gift Card allows you to choose your own gift in our online store and guarantees 100% satisfaction with your purchase.

Our company manufactures Montessori-style wooden educational toys, such as logic puzzles, puzzles and games. We also offer swings and cradles made of velvet fabric. With us, everyone will find something attractive for their kids.


Important information:
  • The Gift Card is combined with discounts and promotions;
  • after the purchase, the Card is sent to the indicated e-mail address in the form of a pdf along with a code; the Gift Card can be printed and given to the person of your choice;
  • The card is valid and active for 6 months from the date of purchase;
  • It is possible to use several Gift Cards during one payment;
  • The card can only be used during one payment; any unused amount will be forfeited;
  • The card cannot be used to cover the cost of delivery of ordered goods.