Lounger swing – velvet silver


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Swing recliner
is a product for years that grows together with your child – depending on the tilt of the backrest, which you can modify yourself at home. Our recliner swing is the largest swing available on the market and will last for years.

Lightly rocking an infant or more intensely rocking a toddler, or perhaps relaxing with a book for an older child, anything is possible in our swing recliner. The positive effects of rocking on the development of sensory integration processes and on the holistic development of the child are increasingly recognized, both by sensory integration therapists and parents or caregivers. The swing recliner allows you to promote your child’s development in your own home, and at the same time provides an opportunity for great fun or relaxation for both child and parent.


The swing can be purchased as additional accessories:
  • A stabilizing cushion for effective relaxation,
  • decorative brackets – 4 pcs, as an additional element of swing design.
Additional information:
  • Material: beech wood dowels, velvet premium material with OEKO TEX standard 100 certification;
  • carrying capacity: 20 kg;
  • included: 2 pcs. snap hooks, 10 wooden balls, cotton rope with a total length of 9 m; the customer can easily change the length of the rope and adjust it to the height of his own room; shortening the rope on your own and adjusting the recliner swing to your individual needs does not void the warranty; shortening (cutting) the rope makes it impossible to return the product;
  • Warranty: 2 years on all wooden parts and material;
  • Care: the swing material can be washed after removing the pegs, rope and decorative elements, by hand at temp. 30 degrees Celsius, without using bleach; wipe the remaining parts with a slightly damp cloth;
  • wear items such as rope and snap hooks require regular inspection by the adult responsible for the child’s care;
  • components necessary for installation in the ceiling to be purchased individually;
  • The product is accompanied by a product use and safety manual;
  • The swing is CE certified.